What is Art Conservation?

Art Conservation is the repair and stabilization of art and cultural objects that have sustained damage or deterioration with time.  Art conservators repair objects in a way that is documented, reversible (secure, but possible to ‘undo’) and ensures long-term preservation.  Often called “art restoration”, “refurbishing” or “cleaning”, Art Conservation addresses the underlying causes of deterioration and damage in an art object, as well as the appearance and presentation of the artist’s original intent in creating the piece.

Art conservators undergo extensive training in Art History, Fine Arts and Chemistry and specialize in one of the following categories:  documents and works of art on paper, electronic media, furniture, historic properties, objects (ceramics, glass, leather, metals, plastics, wood), photographs, paintings and textiles. Conservators treat art objects of all values–both monetary and sentimental–with the same high degree of care.  We follow a code of ethics, as outlined by regional and national organizations such as the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators:  http://capc-acrp.ca/index.asp and the American Institute for Conservation:  http://www.conservation-us.org/.

Conservators enjoy discussing their work with the public, owners and collectors.  Questions are welcomed.  Please also see the links on the Home page for more information about Art Conservation.