Before and After Images

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Royal Engineers Escorting Gold Shipments From Caribou Road to New Westminster, Goranson-Fisher Studios, 1940, oil and glue-based paint on canvas

Courtesy:  Canadian Military Engineers Museum, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick

06aHorses1BT 06bHorses2DT

Before Treatment, Dusting Frame          During Treatment, Inpainting


Portrait of a Man, oil on canvas

01aMan1BT 01bMan2AT

      Before Surface Cleaning                               After Surface Cleaning


Landscape, oil on canvas on board


Before Varnish Removal                                  After Varnish Removal



Interior Scene, oil on canvas


Before Cleaning &Tear Repair                            After Cleaning & Tear Repair



Figures in Procession, oil on canvas

04aProcession1BT 04bProcession2AT

Before Overpaint Removal                            After Overpaint Removal



Portrait of A Woman, oil on canvas

05aWoman1BT 05bWoman2AT

Before Cleaning & Inpainting              After Cleaning & Inpainting

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