Welcome to Fine Art Paintings Conservation and Collections Management

My name is Elizabeth Jablonski.  As a conservator, I restore painted works of art and cultural objects.  I also provide management advice for collections of all types of cultural materials.  My training in preservation principles can help you save your collection and maintain your investment.

Paintings and painted objects are made of a variety of materials, such as oil or acrylic paint on canvas, board, metal or glass. They can contain new and unconventional materials, too, such as plastic and other organic matter. Historic buildings and murals also have painted surfaces that require conservation and analysis for preservation.

Why Do You Need A Conservator and Collections Management Services?

As painted objects age, they sometimes undergo undesirable changes, such as dust and grime accumulation and yellowed coatings. Damage can include tears, losses, abrasions and warping, as a result of accidents, mishandling, unsuitable framing and unstable environmental conditions. Entire collections can suffer damage as a result of poor storage conditions, neglect, floods, fires, mold and pests.

How Can You Benefit From Conservation and Collections Management Services?

Fortunately, deterioration and damage can usually be stabilized with conservation.  These can also often be prevented if flagged early during an examination of a cultural object or a condition survey of a collection. The results of exams and condition surveys inform owners of aging and damage trends. Owners can then plan and budget (or seek grants) for any conservation requirements and archival display, storage and handling solutions.  Without a plan, owners are left rushing from emergency to emergency, risking damage and loss.  No one believes these things will happen to them, but I have seen it all.  Save costs and headaches with a strategic preventive plan, instead.

Who Can Utilize Conservation and Collections Management Services?

• individuals and families who have acquired a single cultural object or collection via purchase, gifting or inheritance
• staff and volunteers in museums, galleries and public collections without a conservation department
• corporate and private collectors
• artists’ estates
• heritage and art groups requiring workshops or speakers for their meetings

How Can You Find Out More About Conservation and Collections Management?

  • click on the tabs above for more information on art objects, estate planning and artists
  • contact me directly to discuss your project:  infoconservepaintings@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in preserving cultural heritage!

January 23, 2010 at 2:13 pm